IMRAN The Entrepreneur

"Change The World; Bit By Bit, Byte By Byte!"
-- Imran Anwar

Summary Of Some Achievements

IMRAN™ : Information & Media Resources, Affiliations & Networks

As founder and President of "IMRAN" (before networks, information age, media and social networks were even invented as buzzwords) Imran Anwar was a serial entrepreneur & Internet founder in his native Pakistan. He is also a pioneer in online financial services Money-Mail™,Cashine™, NetroDollar$™)

After his MBA, he brought and established MasterCard credit cards to Pakistan, one of the few countries that has a much larger MC presence compared to Visa since the start.

He embarked on a campaign to educate the highest level management of the largest Pakistani banks, on credit card marketing, operations, risks and recovery, while also creating the first ever Credit Bureau there. He created CCCP, Credit Card Corporation Pakistan, which provides services to financial service companies.

He also did direct personal consulting work with senior management (Chairman & CEO levels at banks like Chemical/JP Morgan/Chase, Vice Chairman Citibank, EVP American Express, Chairman MasterCard).

PKNIC - The .PK Registry

Co-founder of Internet email and co-owner & COO .PK ccTLD, PKNIC, the .PK registry. Established Internet email for the country of Pakistan, including Pakistan's first ever ISP IMRAN.NET and continue to serve as the global country code registry for Pakistan, a nation of 180 Million people.

Cloud 9 Global Inc.

Cloud9 offers strategic management and technology consulting to help organizations leverage the benefits of Cloud Computing while ensuring 99.9999% uptime and avoiding the security, privacy, data integrity and service failure pitfalls


This Is The New Cash. XASH is the micropayments service and exchange that enabled paying and getting paid for real and virtual world goods & services with real or virtual currencies.

nEternity™ / LIVE, FOREVER™

This is a cloud computing based service that enables consumers and content creators content to stay alive in the cloud even when they have moved on to the clouds of heaven. nEternity was the first company in the world to offer such services.

"A dreamer lives for eternity. nEternity keeps you, your dreams & life works alive for eternity". nEternity™ ensures that your name, life story, digital works and legacy live on forever. Add a permanent record honoring your life, your thoughts and your dreams today. Share these with people you choose or everyone. Add your Predictions, Living Will and Last Words which will be kept securely locked until a date specified by you.